About us

About SINA Engineering

SINA Engineering is a leading company in power solutions and power products with extremely large extend of experience in his field. SINA established in Egypt and is present in the Middle East Market in Booth Egypt and Qatar providing the industrial power solutions and standard commercial power solutions. SINA serves a wide range in the Egyptian market. SINA's business is comprised of three divisions that we are in turn organized in relation to the customers and industries we serve. The divisions are:

  • Industrial power solutions division

  • Standard power solutions division

  • Maintenance and repair division

SINA vision

To be the leading company in delivering the value of the power solutions to our customers that fits their industrial and commercial needs, As well as, maintaining the trust in our reliability in pre and post Sales support.

SINA missions

SINA's mission is based on three components that lead the company's success.

  • Deliver highly efficient solutions to our customers with optimal costs.

  • Provide a reliable technical support and after selling services for our customers.

  • Satisfy the responsibility in the terms of environmental impact and the business ethics

SINA objectives

  • Lead the Egyptian UPS market and power solution field

  • Reach the highest service levels among all the customers

  • Guaranteeing a high quality of load electricity supply

  • Protecting from black-outs

  • Eliminating mains interferences

  • Being compatible with as many complex loads as possible

  • Solving any installation problem thanks to its manifold options

  • Assuring the best efficiency in every situation