Continuity of power is a must for industrial and commercial installation, a small fault to the power supply can interrupt the process line and lead to system breakdown, with very serious consequences: the threat of huge financial losses or, worst, cause life-threatening situations. The main function of a UPS system is to ensure the electrical supply of installations by preventing any failures at all, from small faults to complete stoppage. Unfiltered voltage from the power supply system may cause distortions, drops, peaks or other faults. With one or more UPS systems in the power supply system, such faults are effectively eliminated. During a power cut the UPS system bypasses the power supply shortage. In this situation the system automatically switches over to large batteries and thereby safeguards the power supply. This occurs without critical users being affected. The size of the batteries and a possible alternative power supply (bypass, diesel / electricity generator) depends on the system and battery configuration more over modern UPS systems are often installed to support the safe shutdown and starting up of critical process installations. Finnaly they offer other functions such as automatic monitoring, system performance tests and alerts.

The various industrial applications and requirements

Many factors have to be taken into account when selecting a UPS system. Consideration of price-performance ratios often leads to compromises. Whilst this is completely acceptable for non-critical applications, such an incorrect evaluation could have disastrous consequences for critical applications. UPS systems from LEVER have primarily been designed to fulfil the requirements in the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical and power generating industries. Our systems are typically designed for use at production sites, offshore installations, pipeline control centres, gas collection points, LNG and GTL sites. UPS systems guarantee a high quality power supply for pumps, control equipment, fire-extinguishing systems, emergency lighting, air conditioning and other important installations. Furthermore, SINA specialises in the construction of power supply safety solutions for conventional electricity stations and nuclear power stations as well as for sub-stations. UPS systems guarantee a high quality power supply for switching station monitoring, rotating components or protective drives at these installations.