DPS Digital static UPS unit 1Ph or 3Ph

Customized products for project implementation

Compact and Reliable Power Protection for:

  • Clean and stable DC on battery with ripple voltage peak- peak value <1%

  • Pure VFI-SS-III output sinusoid wave as provided by the IEC/CEI EN 62040 standards

  • Redundant fan system with temperature and air flow control

  • 5 automatic charging modes

  • Manual charging mode for flooded batteries

  • Adjustable times and alarm thresholds

  • Temperature compensation programmable on the charging voltage to extend the battery life.

  • Double digital microprocessor control (DSP + PLD) for rectifier and inverter, ensuring maximum reliability

  • Full optical isolation on all the logic and interface cards.

  • Modbus communication interface through RS232 or RS485 port

  • Ethernet connectivity

  • Optional FALCON battery control system

  • Separate DSP for rectifier and inverter to improve reliability.

Main optional components

  • Additional RFI filters

  • Additional THD filters

  • 12-pulse bridge

  • Battery monitoring system

  • Redundant parallel configuration

  • Special colours

  • Special protection degree

  • Output distribution board

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