Sine wave PWM

digital inverter 1Ph or 3Ph 110Vdc / 220 Vdc Input

Main features:

  • Clean and stable output AC

  • Redundant fan system with temperature and air flow control.

  • By-pass static switch

  • Manual by-pass switch, allowing to perform maintenance operations without disconnecting the load

  • Possibility to supply a non-linear load with minimum distortion thanks to the high-frequency IGBT technology.

  • Fuse protection on both the inverter and the emergency line, with burnt fuse identification and automatic insertion on the functional branch.

  • Wide range of input voltages.

  • Digital microprocessor control (DSP + PLD).

  • Full optical isolation on all the logic and interface cards.

  • Certified to operate in the harshest environment conditions.

  • Short circuit-proof architecture

  • Modbus communication interface through RS232 or RS485 port.

  • Ethernet connectivity.

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